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AGM Reports and Insurance Forms

Below are links to download Annual General Meeting Summaries and Insurance forms. Also attached is an Excel Workbook containing three worksheets to track Client Contact Hours and Supervision Hours accumulated in order to apply for Registered Status with the BCATA.

Stepping Into the Future

BCATA Conference Day and AGM Registration Form

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Annual Reports and AGM Information

2012 AGM Invitation
BCATA AGM Document Package 2012
BC Ferries is having a seat sale. From May 25th-June 25th (Fri-Mon), travel one way with car and driver - $39.95.


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Insurance Forms

2012 / 2013 Insurance Letter

2012 BCATA Summary

2012 / 2013 BCATA Application form.

Excel Tool for Tracking Client Contact Hours

click here to download

Worksheet Tab 1: "Supervision Log with autosum"
This page is to be used on the computer, allowing you to enter the number of Supervision Hours (one column for one-to-one sessions, and another column for group supervision) as you accumulate them, as well as the number of
clinical client contact hours, private practice client contact hours and volunteer hours. The totals for each column are automatically calculated at the bottom. This page was designed to keep a tally on your hours for your own record, however since you are required to gather signatures from your supervisor each visit, you will likely need to print the next worksheet "blank Supervision Log to print" and hand write the numbers as you go along.

Worksheet Tab 2: "blank Supervision Log to print".
This page is protected so you will not be able to make any entries or changes to it. This document was created so that you can print a blank page and hand write in the dates, totals etc. and gather signatures from your supervisor each visit.

Worksheet Tab 3: "Group Hours Verification Log"
This page would be useful if you facilitate groups in a variety of locations and wish to gather signatures from your agency contact to verify the client contact hours. This document is not protected.